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I believe that anyone can learn how to dress well!

I’m always surprised by how so few men are well-dressed. I might be walking down the street in London or in an airport anywhere in the world. A well-dressed, stylish man always stands out. What’s surprising is how rare they are. A dapper man is a rare beast.

However, with the right mindset, an understanding of the rules of dressing well and some application, anyone can become a dapper man.​

Edmond Chan, How To Be Dapper

Why does it matter?

Are you tired of being invisible?

Are you not getting past the first date?

Recruiters not getting back to you?

The reason is likely because of how you look.

Sound harsh?

We’re told that we should value substance over style.

But the truth is we’re all human.

And humans judge other humans at first sight.

In an instant, we see how you carry yourself.

We see if you’re pleasing to the eye. Or whether you’re a threat.

Someone to be reckoned with. To be taken seriously.

Are you letting yourself down?

Are you sabotaging yourself?

Do you feel unremarkable and invisible?

It’s time to take charge of your destiny.

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